Conscious Living Services

My Conscious Living services bring out the confidence, clarity, wisdom, and light that so often get buried and forgotten below layers of personality, conditioning, and possessions. I can help you to release some of those layers so your true essence can shine through and guide you, and you can live with greater authenticity, spaciousness, and ease.  

All of my services can be stand-alone or part of an integrated, complementary package and can be delivered either in-person or remotely, utilizing a variety of user-friendly platforms, such as Zoom and FaceTime. 

Below is a master list of all the workshops, courses, programs, and 1:1 sessions I offer (including photography). You can view and download my Program Catalog with detailed descriptions. 

Conscious Living Workshops/Courses/Programs

      • Discovering the Enneagram: Cultivating Self-Understanding, Transformation, and Compassion
      • Broken Stories of the Enneagram
      • Releasing the Year and Envisioning the New Year
      • Being and Seeing: Mindful Photography in Nature
      • Cultivating Gratitude through Photography
      • Gratefulness Gatherings
      • Decluttering Your Home and Life
      • Mindful Decluttering: Pro Tips and Where to Begin
      • Save the Stories and Release the Stuff: Using Photography to Clear Clutter and Create Memoirs
      • Ultimate Clutter Clearing Journey
      • Death & Grief Decluttering
      • Feng Shui: Your Home as a Living Vision Board
      • Creating an Integrated Feng Shui Vision Board
      • Making a Lantern to Illuminate Your Intentions 

Mindfulness Meditation Workshops/Courses/Programs

      • Resource Your Life with the Magic of Mindfulness
      • Foundations of Mindfulness Meditation
      • Mindfulness in Nature
      • Mindful Photography
      • Finding Beauty in a Broken World
      • Mindfulness with Children 
      • Mindful Storytime (children’s program)
      • Mindful Practices for Calming and Soothing
      • Integrating Mindfulness Practice in Daily Life
      • Decluttering the Mind
      • Waking from the Trance of Thought
      • Freedom from Feelings
      • Taking Care of the Roots of War Within Us
      • Mindful Communication
      • Cultivating Lovingkindness Towards Difficult People
      • Mindful Self-Compassion
      • Mindfulness of Technology
      • Cultivating Gratitude
      • Empowering Ourselves in the Face of Personal or Collective Crisis
      • Walking Meditation
      • Mindful Eating

Nature Photography Workshops/Courses/Programs

      • Beginning Nature Photography (single session, mini series, or several-session course)
      • Mindful Photography in Nature
      • Finding Beauty in a Broken World
      • How to Use Your DSLR Camera
      • Photography Basics
      • Printing and Displaying Your Photography
      • Photography Composition
      • iPhone Photography (teens, adults)
      • Resourcing Grief Through Nature Photography 
      • Color and Lighting in Photography
      • The Right Photography Gear for Your Needs
      • Wildlife Photography Tips
      • Water Photography Tips
      • Landscape Photography Tips
      • Photographing Flowers
      • Achieving Proper Exposure in Photography
      • Exporting Your Images for Online and Print
      • Introduction to Lightroom

1:1 Sessions

Feedback from Participants

 “This class is so fabulous, and I’ve come to rely on it to start my week.”

“Susan Meyer’s programs are uplifting, inspirational, rejuvenating, thought-provoking, and practical.” -Ellen G.

“I am utterly amazed how these sessions have brought me different perspectives on experiencing and managing life. You are most definitely fulfilling your purpose on earth. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with the group. I am sure the other attendees have related to them as I know I have. These sessions have been wonderful. I am so grateful there are more to come!”

“Susan’s classes build, create, inspire, and develop community. As a teacher of meditation, Susan’s kind, gentle, creative ways enrich all the programs she offers; meditation, Enneagram, book group, photography, clutter clearing, the new year releasing and envisioning course, etc.

Susan, as an artist, excels in all areas of communication – visually, in the way she writes, and choice of words and music – all of which are enhanced by her gentle, insightful ways. Susan is so generous in sharing of her wealth of knowledge, materials, and resources. Her organizational style of these materials makes each class a gem, a treasure.

The five-week course, Releasing 2022 and Envisioning 2023, started with a group of unknown members, and by the end of the five weeks, we were a community. Thank you, Susan. Your teaching style encourages community and has made meditation so accessible and understandable. I, for one, have reaped the benefits.

For over a year, any class I see of Susan’s, I happily sign up for.”

-Tracy B.

“I actually love ALL of your classes! You have no idea how much you have helped me. I am very grateful to have you teaching me to be a better version of myself everyday!” 

“Susan Meyer’s mindful meditation instruction provides nourishing insights for equanimity, serenity, and inner peace. It is a joy to listen to her guided meditation sessions. I look forward to every Mindfulness Monday session on Zoom, and I listen to her recorded meditations & nature videos the other days of the week.

Illuminating, is an excellent one-word description of Releasing 2022 & Envisioning 2023. I especially enjoyed Susan’s self-care insight sharings and the creative, organized methods of setting new year intentions and quests. Susan illuminated the path to self-care as we all reviewed the challenges of the past year. She utilized creative, artistic, self expression projects, which were so much fun!

Susan Meyer is a welcoming, kind, compassionate, five-star mindful living guide in this adventure we call life.”

-Pixi M.

“Thank you so much for another wonderful session and for sharing your time, support, and resources. 2022 was so much better because of you kindness and sharing.”


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