Feng Shui

Feng shui is a system of working with energy that originated in China more than 4000 years ago. It incorporates the Five Elements theory and focuses on energy, or chi, flowing in alignment with abundance, health, and joy. Through feng shui, we work with the energy of your home to create a foundation that supports you to maximize your well-being in all areas of life and manifest your dreams and visions. 

A feng shui consultation can help you to:

  • harmonize and balance the energy of your home
  • stimulate the flow of abundance
  • improve your relationships and well-being
  • create a more supportive foundation for you and your family to thrive
  • feel more relaxed and joyful in your home
  • have greater clarity and focus with regard to your goals and pursuits
  • shift to a more empowered story about your home and your life.

A feng shui consultation is a wonderful way to enhance the energy flow in your home and focus on specific areas of your home and life you’d like to improve. It’s like acupuncture for the home. In feng shui, specific areas of the home are associated with certain areas of life. We will work together to remove energy blocks and set new intentions to create a home that truly supports your highest vision for your life. The best feng shui is to love the space you live and work in, whether you rent a small apartment or own a mansion. “Good feng shui” feels good, and that is the ultimate goal.

Feng shui is especially effective after decluttering and deepens the effects of your clutter clearing. (Clutter clearing is actually the first step of the feng shui process.) I provide feng shui consultations either in-person or remotely, utilizing whatever technology you are comfortable with (i.e. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom).

Prior to a session, you will need to fill out a questionnaire and provide me with your address and a floor plan of your home. For distant sessions, a photo of the front of your home and interior photos specific to any problem areas are also helpful. Distant sessions typically take less time than in-person sessions and allow us to really hone in on areas of concern.

During a session, we will explore your space and identify areas of concern. I will give you suggestions for improving those areas and will prioritize changes for you to make. In-person sessions might also include some space clearing. After the session, I will follow up with an email summary and am available to answer questions you may have.

If desired, I can guide you to create an integrated vision board to support goals addressed during feng shui work. My method of vision board work takes you out of your head and into your heart to hear the whispers of your inner being and draws upon all nine areas of life related to the feng shui bagua map. Your finished product is a supercharged vision board that holds the seeds of your deepest, most authentic dreams and visions and can serve as a powerful manifestation and motivational tool. 

My rate is $70/hour plus 60 cents/mile from 12871 zip code for in-person feng shui consultations and $60/hour for distant consultations.

Please contact me for more information about feng shui and space clearing services. 


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