Mindfulness Meditation

Through practicing mindfulness meditation, we train our heart and mind to experience more freedom and well-being. Mindfulness practice builds awareness and compassion and is a path of clarity, empowerment, peace, and deep realization that liberates us from the conditioned mind and the thoughts in our head. I love to think of mindfulness as putting space around our thoughts and feelings and experiencing a deeper, more inclusive presence in the here and now. Working with rather than struggling against whatever arises in your life and in your mind. Meeting it all with open, spacious awareness and a wise, compassionate heart.

Many folks want to establish a meditation practice but don’t know where to start. With nearly 30 years of experience and credentials in meditation and mindfulness that include developing curriculum, working with children, and delivering mindfulness meditation courses for adults, I can help you to weed through the vast body of available resources and develop a fruitful practice that suits your personality and lifestyle.

I design instruction to inspire practice, to provide clarity about how to practice, to build students’ confidence in their capacity to practice, and to strengthen their faith in their innate wisdom and compassion. In addition to in-person and online group courses, I offer one-on-one Vipassana Out-Loud sessions to support individuals in their formal practice of mindfulness and heart meditations and to deepen their skills. I’ve offered my 4- to 6-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course a number of times to libraries via Zoom during the Covid-19 shutdown and appreciate being able to offer the medicine of these teachings now, when it is needed more than ever.

I will present a 5-week mindfulness meditation course on Mondays at noon in June through the Saratoga Springs Public Library. To register for this online course, click HERE.

Here is a snippet from one of my online courses:

Please contact me if you’d like to receive information about upcoming courses, or for more information about mindfulness instruction for individuals and groups of adults or children.

Here’s what participants in my mindfulness meditation courses have to say:


Guided Meditations

Here are some guided meditations I’ve recorded:

Grounding Meditation (8 minutes)

Body Scan (16 minutes)

Mindfulness of the Breath (11 minutes)

Mindfulness of Breath and Body (12 minutes)

Mindfulness of Emotions (12 minutes)

RAIN of Self-Compassion (16 minutes)

Mindfulness of Thoughts (9 minutes) 

Mindfulness of Thoughts (14 minutes) *Alternates between periods of detailed instruction and lengthy spaces for practice.

Central Practice of Mindfulness (20 minutes)

Touching Peace (16 minutes)

Lovingkindness Meditation (12 minutes)

Mindfulness/Lovingkindness Meditation (25 minutes; meditation begins at 3:25) Addresses Covid-19 social distancing

Walking Meditation Instructions (9 minutes)

Eating Mindfully (10 minutes)

And here’s one for young children:

Bubble Breathing

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