Poem: All Souls Are Beautiful

All Souls Are Beautiful

All souls are beautiful

And some personalities
Are capable of causing great harm
And should be called out
And prevented from doing so.

This is where life gets messy.

For whatever reason
Some get traumatized.
Some get defensive.
Some become a safe haven.
Some become a minefield.

But all souls are beautiful.

It takes courage to call out
Privilege and abuse, to stand up
For the most vulnerable
Among us and within us
And say in both words and actions:
I’m with you, and I care
About your suffering.

Some see privilege.
Some are unable to.
Sometimes we see it.
Sometimes we don’t.

At times we might feel it
When we brush up against it
And get a fleeting glimpse
Of what others face
On a daily basis, even though

All souls are beautiful.

Sometimes I sit down and breathe.
Sometimes I speak my truth.
Mostly I listen and learn.
Sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough.
Sometimes it feels like too much.

Some will empathize.
Some will scorn.
It doesn’t matter:
We must not let
Ego or appearances,
Intellect or differences
Distract us from seeing

That all souls are beautiful.

© 2021 Susan Meyer. All rights reserved. You are welcome to share this post or excerpts of it as long as you give proper credit to Susan Meyer and SusanTaraMeyer.com. Susan Meyer is a photographer, writer, and spiritual teacher who lives on the Hudson River in Upstate New York.

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