2018 Intentions & Reflections Journal


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Supercharge your year with this monthly 2017 workbook/journal that helps you to set and reflect on monthly intentions and goals and stay focused on what is most important to you! 

This 56-page resource features a beautiful, full-color photo for each month with an original, inspirational quote based on salient themes relevant to that time of year. It allows you to follow either a standard monthly format or lunar cycle throughout the year. For each month, there is a page for brainstorming:

  • intentions
  • goals
  • pleasures to experience
  • mantra/affirmation/quote/word to focus on
  • desired feelings
  • goal-supporting resources
  • inspirational question related to what’s happening in nature

At the end of each month or lunar cycle, there’s space to reflect on accomplishments and successes, difficulties, gratitude, and lessons learned. Each month you have the opportunity to celebrate your successes and let go of the difficult stuff so you can move on to the next month with a fresh slate and renewed, hopeful energy.

It is a “magical manifesting” resource that helps to organize your goals and keep you on track with envisioning a year that supports your vision for who you want to be and how you want to express your light in the world.

The workbook is coil bound with sturdy cardboard covers and substantial 28-lb. pages.

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