Seasons of a Lifetime (Video)

This morning, I went to my parents’ house for my mom’s hospice intake appointment. But first, I assembled my last Mother’s Day card and gift in an envelope that I decorated with a little extra color than usual and brought it with me. I’ve been working on the gift for quite some time and am excited to share it. But first I’d like to explain how it came about.

My first ever photography exhibit is scheduled for September, and I wish my mom could be around to see it. I already have all the prints framed and considered having a special viewing earlier for my mom. However, my September exhibit will feature autumn-themed photography, and surrounding her with fall images during springtime didn’t feel right.

Then I had a brainstorm: I could organize a special exhibit for my mom to see while she’s still able. In a wild burst of inspiration, I saw all the details: Instead of only featuring autumn themed photos, this exhibit would include images of all the seasons. I would call it Seasons of a Lifetime – and include photos from the various “seasons” of my parents’ lives grouped around each seasonal display. Since I already had the frames, it was just a matter of ordering different prints – which I did immediately, for time was of the essence.

However, the day after I came up with this idea, my mom was admitted to the hospital, and I reconsidered the practicality of planning an exhibit. I already felt overwhelmed by everything on my plate and didn’t have the energy to try to find an exhibit space and make the necessary arrangements. And even if I could muster up the energy to pull it off, there was no guarantee my mom would be well enough to attend – or feel up to being in public. As is normal for people in this stage of disease, her world has been shrinking; she has begun the cocooning process.

Finally, I came up with the idea of creating a virtual exhibit that my mom could view from the comfort of her home at her convenience. I would intersperse my nature photography with snapshots of my parents, traveling symbolically through the year (and more or less chronologically through their lifetime) from spring through winter. And to take it a step further, I would accompany the slideshow with some of my mom’s favorite music. In a final burst of inspiration, I decided it would be even more meaningful if I included music recorded by someone who is very special to her. I contacted her guitar teacher, Larry, and his wife, Nancy – who became dear friends of my parents in recent years before moving to Colorado – and asked them to record some music for it. They graciously got on board with the project, and our dear, mutual friend, Sam, edited the final tracks and got them to me so I could finish the project just in time for Mother’s Day.

In the meantime, I had paired the slideshow with prerecorded songs in case I needed to rush the project (if my mom’s condition were to decline). I was amazed at how perfectly the songs by “Iz” and John Denver fit the pictures I’d already imported and arranged in iMovie, and ended up keeping those songs and saving Nancy and Larry’s contribution for the final song. I put their other songs on a CD for my mom to listen to, for she loves to listen to Nancy’s voice, and all three songs they recorded will be part of the soundtrack for my mom’s services and celebrations.

While creating the video, it struck me how one photo represented a whole era that was our life at the time and felt as if it was the way things always would be. But in both hindsight and the larger scheme, it was so fleeting – just a three-second blip in the video. Life goes so fast and changes right under our feet without us even noticing – so enjoy it while it’s happening because these are the moments and memories that make up a lifetime!

My parents must have several thousand family photos, and my siblings and I have our own collections, as well. The pictures I went through with my parents don’t even scratch the surface of the lifetime we have experienced together, but I had to stop going through photos at some point and actually create this video! Some of the scans are better than others.

With that being said, I’m pleased to share the finished product – which I watched with my parents this afternoon after the hospice nurse left. I guess it’s my way of helping my parents to review their life and see how truly good a life it has been. On the DVD (which I created in iDVD), I also included two videos I made with my mom earlier this year and described in my blog post, “A Very Special Recording.” I hope you will enjoy journeying through the seasons with my family.

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