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TrueSongs 2022: Lyrics of Life

TrueSongs 2022: Lyrics of Life

A performance of true stories and new songs to show lives changed for the better.

I will be one of five storytellers on stage representing non-profit organizations that serve our community. I will share my story of how Gateway House of Peace made my family’s life better when my mother was admitted as their third hospice patient since their doors opened in April 2014. After sharing my story, songwriter Mel Guarino will perform a song she composed about my experience.

From Caffe Lena’s website:

“Five courageous people will share a personal story, and four songwriters will help us feel the emotion of what these storytellers have been through. This is TrueSongs, an annual event that reveals real life challenges faced by our neighbors.

Storytellers will be paired with a songwriter who will capture the story with lyrics and melodies. At the performance, each pair will take the stage together, and make these true experiences come alive with an artistic presentation that breaks through stereotypes and boundaries.”

In addition to Gateway House of Peace, other participating organizations will be: Veteran & Community Housing Coalition, the Saratoga Senior Center, Horns for Haiti, and Steps for Stroke. Songwriters will be Mel Guarino, Hold on Honeys, Jeff Brisbin and Michael Eck.

Purchase in-person tickets through Caffe Lena. You also can stream this show live at caffelena.tv. Enjoy one week of access with your $5 live stream ticket.

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