Welcome to my little portal of “seeing and being”. There’s a lot here to explore – many ways of awakening to inner and outer nature through photography and mindful exploration, including:

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Practicing Generosity

My writings, newsletters, and most of my programs are offered at no cost to recipients/participants, although quite a bit of time, energy, and care go into preparing them, and there are considerable behind-the-scenes expenses, as well. Generosity is a beautiful practice that opens and gladdens the heart and allows us to embrace others with compassion and love.
If you’d like to support my work through giving, please consider donating any amount via Venmo or Paypal.
Other ways to practice generosity include:

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  • Sharing my posts and newsletters with friends and others.

I am truly grateful for your generosity. May it benefit all beings.

Recent Journaling



One of the benefits of mindfulness practice is that we can become aware of how we relate to whatever experiences or emotions arise and interact with them in a way that offers greater freedom and clear-seeing. This applies to the full spectrum of what we experience and...

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This Matters

This Matters

Last week, someone commented at the end of one of my Zoom mindfulness programs that whereas having a meditation practice seemed optional in the past, it has become essential. I agreed wholeheartedly and added that we need all hands on deck at this time, being our...

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